The Evolution of Results

Experience the difference and at NJAC the difference is in the details. We define the specific details of what will align your body with results. Maximize your results,  when you work with an NJAC Nationally Certified Trainer. Our team of professionals can guide you from personal performance to injury prevention, but no matter what, your goals are our focus. Define what the evolution of your best self will be and take the next step.

The expert team at NJAC will be there to assess, monitor, motivate, and hold you accountable like never before. Personal Training is your BEST option for maximum results. To schedule a session or for more information on how to get started towards your health and fitness goals, click here and complete our inquiry form.

Training with Ben has been a fantastic experience. He has developed the most optimal routine for me to reach my goals, and most importantly has corrected my form in order to prevent injuries. He even works with me to improve my diet and nutrition. He pushes me to do more than I would do on my own, and as a result I feel great when leaving a session with him.
— Bradford

Training Options

PRIVATE: Private training is a one-on-one, fully customized experience with one of our Nationally Certified Fitness Professionals. All sessions are pre-programmed to meet your specific expectations of improved health, performance, and aesthetics.

SEMI-PRIVATE: Semi-Private Training is a shared training experience limited to four individuals, all working toward their specific goals. Although each experience is shared with one to three other individuals, our team of Nationally Certified Fitness Professionals are trained and prepared to meet the expectations of each individual.

TEAM TRAINING: More info to come