Meet the experts



General Manager
Mike has been in sales and management his entire career after graduating from the Rutgers School of Business.  He left the corporate life in 2008 and has been in management for the last ten years with multiple fitness and wellness centers. He takes a lot of pride in helping people achieve their goals and help get them on the right path towards a healthy lifestyle



Group Exercise Director
As a mother of three energetic little boys and a group exercise instructor and personal trainer for the last 17 years, Jenny is an example of how to live a fit lifestyle. She feels blessed doing something she is passionate about, and she strives to motivate others to experience how regular exercise can be beneficial. Come join her in your next group exercise class!



Parisi Speed School Director
A former athlete and fitness professional for the last six years, Eddie knows what it takes to be successful. When it’s hard to stay motivated, Eddie steps in and pushes his clients the extra mile they need because he knows that any goal is possible if you put your all into it. Eddie shares his knowledge and experiences with his clients to lead them to succes



Aquatics and Youth Program Director
Melissa brings over 10 years of experience in swim instruction, and a passion for helping to create active and engaging experiences for youth to NJAC. She pairs her experience and enthusiasm with fitness and fun to help children lead healthy, balanced lives. Her main goal is to help make swimming and general fitness fun for your little-one!

Daniela Opazo.JPG


Personal Training Director
Daniela has been a fitness professional for the past 5 years but her love of fitness started 10 years ago with Group Exercise Classes.  After successfully losing 100 lbs, she realized she wanted to pay it forward and now has attained multiple Les Mills Certifications.  She then decided to take it even further and become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer to help others achieve their fitness goals.  Over the past 10 years the most important part along this journey has been to remain consistent.




Registered Dietitian
Penny has worked as a registered dietitian and fitness instructor at NJAC since 2009. She earner her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Delaware and her M.S. in Health Education and Nutrition Marketing from St. Joseph’s University. Penny provides individual, group, and family consultations to help her clients improve their nutritional health. She loves combining her two passions—fitness and nutrition—to help others set and achieve their goals.