Jersey Wild All Star Cheerleading

What is All Star Cheerleading?

All Star Cheerleading is a competition sport that combines elements of traditional cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance and involves male and female athletes performing a routine composed of tumbling, stunting, pyramids, and dance elements. This routine is performed and scored against other teams at competitions.

Why Jersey Wild?

Jersey Wild is a unique all star cheerleading program that offers a small-gym experience while providing access to big-gym amenities for all athletes ages 2 and up. We have a team for athletes of all experience and ability levels, from the very beginner, to elite athletes.

Big Gym Amenities:

Jersey Wild is housed in the New Jersey Athletic Club, which provides access to tools that help train and develop our athletes. Our 8,500 square foot training facility features two competition-size (9 panel) spring floors, tumble-track, and conditioning area with mirrors.

In addition to our space, our teams and athletes enjoy access to amenities including:

  • Free gym membership for athletes 14 years and older
  • Discounted gym membership for athlete’s immediate family members
  • Access to advanced training equipment and personal trainers
  • Dance studio with mirrored walls
  • Smoothie bar
  • Indoor track

Small Gym Experience:

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name”

At Jersey Wild we promote a family-oriented atmosphere, where it is common for coaches to know every athlete in the gym by name. Our trained staff is committed to providing instruction based on the most current training methods and we help each athlete set and achieve goals that are challenging and meaningful. Above all, we encourage perfection before progression, which promotes focus on proper technique and execution and can help prevent injuries.

We also understand that cheerleading requires more than just physical development. We respect and appreciate the commitment our athletes and their families are making to our program and we, in turn, understand that our responsibility as coaches extends far beyond the competition floor. As all star cheerleading coaches, we have the opportunity to help our athletes develop not only physically, but also mentally, socially and emotionally. We take this responsibility seriously, and hope to instill in our athletes the following core values that they can take with them long after their cheerleading career is over.