Efficient and affordable training

H.I.I.T. stands for High Intensity Interval Training. With HIIT training you will develop strength, endurance and explosion. It is the perfect workout program for anyone to obtain their goals, no matter the fitness level. With our master trainers teaching the class you will get more one on one attention and will also get any exercises modified to fit your comfort ability level. With our HIIT program you will also have the opportunity to take boxing classes for more of a metabolic (conditioning) workout. With all of our HIIT class options you will be guaranteed not to plateau and get excellent results for yourself.

HIIT TEAM Group Training is High Intensity Interval Training in a group setting. The intensity level is completely adaptable to ALL fitness levels by adjusting; resistance level (weight), time, and/or number of repetitions of exercises.

The HIIT TEAM training sessions will follow the HIIT model so that the training will be highly efficient to build strength while working at a high training threshold so that the participants will also be gaining a great cardiovascular benefit at the same time.

All training sessions will include exercises to work a variety of body parts and will be planned so that it will be a full body training program. All participants benefit from the encouraging and supportive atmosphere of TEAM training while being closely monitored by highly credentialed Trainers using the most innovative methods.

  • HIIT Strength training sessions will focus mainly on strength training using kettlebells, barbells and plates.
  • HIIT Cardio sessions will focus more on cardio calisthenics, plyometric exercises, and agility work.
  • HIIT Mix is a combination of strength and cardio training. Boxing Training sessions will be boxing training with an emphasis on cardiovascular fitness.