Upcoming Events

Cinco de Mayo Zumba Master Class Saturday May 5th at 10:15am
Have you ever considered getting certified? Sign up for Zumba Jumpstart training following the master class on 5/5. Go to Zumba.com to register.
Memorial Day Hours, Monday May 28th
Club hours 5 a.m. – 1 p.m., Kid’s Club 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
See Flyer, website and social media for class schedules.

Kid’s Programs – no group swim or youth program classes from 5/26-5/28



Looking to get your little one ready for some pool-time fun this summer? Well NJAC can help you with that! The summer 2018 Group Swim Session will be kicking off on Monday, May 7th. Spaces are filling up quickly, so be sure to register today! 

NJAC’s Spring Break Camp was a huge success! NJAC would like to say a special thank you to all of the fantastic counselors, and energetic campers who made the camp such a huge success! If you missed out on the fun, or want to create even more amazing memories for your child sign up for NJAC’s Ninja Warrior Summer Camps. Make it a summer to remember! Questions contact Youth Programs Director, Melissa



They say the best abs are made in the Kitchen and NJAC’s 30 day boost and Nutrition programs are a receipt for success. You could join many who have already made a healthy change to their eating and exercise habits. Our Registered Dietitian, Penny Bardfeld is here to help. Contact Penny to schedule a session or to join a group.

Remember to consult with your physical when starting a new diet/exercise plan. Check with your health insurance to check if Nutrition sessions are covered under your plan.


Build function strength while you get ready for your summer vacation!

Suitcase Carry
The suitcase carry exercise is functional exercise that can be implemented into any program for all individuals from novice to expert.  The suitcase exerciser is a total body exercise with emphasis on the oblique’s, transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, deltoids, latissimus dorsi and multiple others.  This exercise is used in everyday life from carrying an actual suitcase, groceries, and/or gym bag.  Learning how to properly engage your core and stabilize is crucial to prevent the likelihood and chance of injury. 

To perform this exercise, select a weight that is challenging to hold, beginning with the weight on the floor next to you. With your feet shoulder-width apart, descend into deadlift position by flexing the knees and hips. You should be looking at a point several feet in front of you to maintain a neutral cervical spine. Your chest should be up and your back arched, with a neutral grip on the dumbbell.

Inhale just before picking up the weight. Extend through the hips and knees to deadlift the weight, sticking your opposite hand out to the side to act as a counterweight. This will be your starting position.

To perform the exercise, simply walk forward holding the weight at your side. Heavier loads may require some amount of lean to remain upright. At all times maintain proper posture in the spine, keep your arms extended, and keep the shoulder in a neutral position. Walk forward the given distance, executing a turn if needed. When the route is completed return the dumbbell to the ground with a controlled deadlift. Do not drop the weight.

Try incorporating this exercise into your exercise program or consult with one of our certified personal trainers to help you properly set up and execute this exercise.



NJAC is very excited to announce the launch of the Parisi Program! The equipment is in and the dates are set. The soft launch Will be on Saturday May 5th, get your kids in during the soft launch to save a spot for your athlete. We will have 8-10 athletes per class and the spots are filling up. The Grand opening will be June 5th and at that point the classes will be running full tilt. Get to NJAC with your athlete and let the results begin!