Get Heart Healthy

February is heart health awareness month and according to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Your heart is a muscle, and like all muscles, your heart can benefit from physical activity which can help prevent heart disease and stroke. To improve overall cardiovascular health, we suggest at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise (or a combination of both).

Join us and The American Heart Association® in spreading awareness of prevention of heart disease and stroke by wearing RED on National Wear Red Day Friday, February 2. Let’s share our love for fitness and improve our hearts together with a 60 min RPM performance indoor cycling class at 9:30am. 



Is your Diet Heart Healthy?
Did you know that food choices can have a large impact on your heart’s health? There are only a few risk factors, such as age, gender and family history that you cannot control when it comes to heart health. A healthy lifestyle which includes following a healthy eating plan, maintain a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, quitting smoking and managing stress can lower your risk for heart disease and may prevent current conditions from worsening. With a Heart-Healthy Diet you may lower your risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Some foods to eat on a heart healthy diet include beans, fruits and vegetables rich in beta carotene and lutein. Salmon and tuna are good fish choices as they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Whole grains including whole wheat, flax seeds, and oatmeal are excellent sources of dietary fiber to help lower cholesterol.

Need an extra boost to kick start a healthy lifestyle? Consider joining our next 30-Day Boost program with groups forming this month. Join many who have already lost weight and are keeping it off with this effective program that offers guidance and support from NJAC’s Registered Dietitian, Penny Bardfeld. The program includes a nutrition assessment and plan, four group meetings with individual feedback and strategies to keep you motivated between meetings, as well as tips, recipes and realistic approaches to help you get to your goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

Contact Penny for details.

Remember to consult with your physical if you have questions or concerns about your heart health or when starting a new diet/exercise plan. Check with your health insurance to check if Nutrition sessions are covered under your plan.



Kid’s Night out - Valentine’s date night just got better with the help of Kid’s night out. We have the perfect night planned for your kid’s Friday, Feb 16th 6pm-9:45pm so you can have a romantic night. Your kid’s will have a blast with Arts & Crafts, Games, Movies, Music, Pizza and a Ninja warrior class featuring a sneak peek at our new extreme sports class. Members: $20/1st Child, $10 each additional child Non-members: $30/ 1st Child, $15 each additional child. Contact Heather with any questions.

Kid’s Programming – Our spring session kicks off on February 19th and we have added some exciting NEW classes. We are now offering Extreme Sports, Arts & Crafts, and Musical Theatre classes. Bring your kid’s to try a class for FREE! Questions, contact Melissa.

Aquatics - Summer will be here before we know it, so now is the perfect time to sign your child up for swim lessons! Our 10-week group swim session begins February 19th. NJAC offers Parent/Child Swim for infants, Preschool swim classes for children 3-5 years old, Youth swim classes for children 6-15, and Adult swim lessons. If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to swim; our semi-private and private lessons are perfect for accelerated learning. For more info, contact Melissa.

Birthday Parties - NJAC’s 4th birthday party was a huge success! Thank you to all of our members who brought their children out to celebrate. We are currently offering 10% off your next birthday party. So be sure to book your little-one’s special day here at NJAC!  Contact Melissa to book your party



In addition to our one-on-one training options NJAC offers Semi-Private Training so you can benefit from the energy of a group with the attention of an experienced personal trainer. With groups up to four individuals a trainer will create a customized and individualized program catered to your specific goals. The support of a group and trainer will keep you motivated and accountable while you benefit from training at a discounted rate. Whether you have a group of friends to train with or want to make new ones we will find the best semi-private session for you to join. Contact Josh to schedule a session or to join a Semi-Private group.

Parisi Speed School – With the Parisi Speed School room under construction we are excited to get it ready for your athletes to start training within the next couple of weeks.  We are installing new flooring, turf and equipment to help your athletes achieve success on and off the field. The Parisi Speed School is the leader in Youth Sports Performance Training, with focus on improving the athletic foundation for athletes ages 7 and up. Parisi Speed School at NJAC will look to improve your youth athletes speed, quickness and strength while building confidence and self-esteem. Our offerings can greatly benefit all athletes regardless of ability level by increasing their activity level in a fun and upbeat environment. Contact Eddie to get your athlete started

Pilates Reformer - Besides being famous and in great shape, what do Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Lady Gaga have in common? They LOVE Pilates! Train like a celebrity and discover their secret with Pilates Reformer training. Pilates Reformer will improve overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. This can lead to better posture, graceful, efficient movement, and relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain. To schedule a FREE reformer session contact Carol or Jenny for additional information.