Basketball at NJAC


Love Ballin

Love Ballin is a registered LLC basketball organization in NJ. They have hosted basketball camps, clinics, tournaments, showcases, 3on3 leagues, and personal training for every age all across Mercer County since 2013.. 

They currently train professional basketball players, collegiate, high school and intermediate and are bringing their program to NJAC. 

Their goal is to teach kids with interest far beyond basketball. 

The Love Ballin Philosophy centers on you and your development as a person and as a baller.  The Philosophy, developed by founders Bilal Benjamin and Tyreek McNear, focuses on a comprehensive approach to each student, of any age, male or female, and at any skill level.

The Philosophy requires you to:

  • be a person of good moral and ethical character.
  • be a baller with strong passion as well as a tough mind and sound body.
  • be a servant and steward to others, on and off the court.

Love Ballin conducts good quality, high-intensity, drill based skill clinics that focuses on not only bettering a players skill set on the court but also building the proper character they will need to carry confidence off the court. Our clinics will enhance your athletes mentality while boosting their desire to become a better leader while being more aggressive and skilled players. We will provide a focused, fun, and safe learning environment that will keep them eager to learn the game.

Student Holiday Mini Camps are for 1st & 2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th grade levels, any skill level, and will assist in strenthing any position the athlete plays. Expect to see an improvement in shooting, ball handling, decision making, aggressiveness, footwork, leadership, and more


Coach Will Fisher_NJAC Basketball.JPG

Basketball with Coach Fisher

Born and raised in Queens, William Fisher grew up playing for some of the best AAU teams in New York City such as Riverside Church, Gauchos Gym, and Sky Riders. He competed against great ball players like Stephon Marbury, Ron Artest, and Rucker Park legend Rafer Alston, also known as "Skip 2 My Lou.” Coach Fisher received a high school scholarship to Lauringberg Prep in North Carolina, and played under Coach Gil Reynolds. He went on to attend Southwestern Community College in San Diego, California, under a scholarship. 

The program at NJAC will teach basketball fundamentals such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense. Kids will learn to play together, work as a team, have fun, and most of all, learn to love the game. 


  • Build confidence
  • Motivate players to work harder and improve their game
  • Encourage healthy behavior through conditioning and fun activities
  • Guide members who are interested in earning a basketball scholarship